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Melville, NY - - November 1, 2016 - - Korg continues to lead the resurgence of analog with the all-new monologue; a completely programmable, powerful, and groundbreaking monophonic analog synthesizer.monologue features a unique new synthesis structure, an updated step sequencer, micro-tuning features and more.A new 2-pole VCF provides added bite, and an all-analog Drive circuit delivers further punch and warmth.The LFO rate can be adjusted into unprecedentedly ultra-high speeds to generate distinct new timbres, or switched to one-shot mode to act in essence as an additional envelope.Words can be considered threats and that could be a major blow against you in court.

monologue’s engine starts with the same ground-up synthesis design that made Korg’s minilogue a runaway hit, and adds features focused on delivering amazing monophonic sound.

Next, remember your goal is to get out of court sooner rather than later.

If your soon-to-be-ex-wife is taking you to court, chances are you’ll be tempted to act on emotion and draw out the process for as long as possible, but focus more on the business aspect of the situation.

Judging a sexual encounter is important because it will allow you to KNOW what you want from a sexual partner.

Over the years, I've had my fair share of sexual partners.

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