Validating data filemaker

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I was recently asked by a client about how to set up a record locking system.

The idea of record locking is that when some event happens a record becomes no longer editable, preserving the contents from change.

The Lock Icon technique employed in the demo is File Maker Pro 13 only.

If you are working with an earlier version, substitute the Base64 Encoded text with links to a set of global icon fields, or omit the icon and simply use the text field ‘Locked’. I did this by selecting the default Data Entry Only and clicking Duplicate.

For purposes of this article, we will focus on consistency of the record data.

Some assessments of consistency focus at a lower level, on the invalid or potentially corrupt state of database files while a transaction is in flight.

Validating Data Entry When filling out a record, it’s pretty common to require some fields not be left blank.If there’s a theme, or worse, a monotonous repetition to my descriptions of File Maker’s many functions, it’s probably the bit where I say “this function isn’t complicated, but you can do cool stuff with it.” While I could possibly try harder, this is the last post of the year, so brace yourself for familiarity as we dig into the big bowl of vanilla that is the parameter and File Maker will provide you with the total number of related records that contain a value in that field.This can be useful on layouts where you don’t have enough room to show every line of a portal.All that said, you could use a calc field as a work around.Crate a calculation field in the same table and name it yourfieldname SEARCH, e.g.

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