Documentbuilderfactory setvalidating dtd

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, DOM- set Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(boolean value) , ( , .), XML-, , DOM-. Documentdocument = db.parse(isrc); Document Builder, , , new Document Builder(). Document) , , : , ., DOM-, Document Builder Factory: Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); SAX-. CDATA- set Expand Entity References(boolean value) (true), ( ). , , , , set Ignoring Comments(boolean value) , , XML-, DOM-. XML-: SAXError Handler error Handler = new SAXError Handler();// Document Builder db = Document Builder();Error Handler(error Handler);out.println("Successfully created document builder");// Input Source Input Source isrc = get Input Source(req);// XML- dom. Configure Java APIs (SAX, DOM, dom4j, XOM) using JAXP 1.3 to validate XML Documents with DTD and Schema(s).Many Java XML APIs provide mechanisms to validate XML documents, the JAXP API can be used for most of these XML APIs but subtle configuration differences exists.

, (/) , :void set Namespace Aware(boolean awareness) awareness true, , , awareness false, set Validating(boolean validating) validating true, , XML-, set Feature(String name, boolean value) , , (.., Oracle, JAXP ). = null;Namespace Aware(is Namespace Aware);Validating(is Validating); XML- , , . The Error Handler used for the examples is a very simple one which reports the error to and continues until the XML document has been fully parsed or until a fatal-error has been reported.Namespaces have been introduced to XML after the first specification of XML had received the official W3C Recommendation status.* @param xml Pull Parser The XML Pull Parser of the current stream. protected static Document Builder Factory dbf; protected static Document Builder db; static protected static Document get Wss Document(Submit Context context) throws SAXException, IOException { String request = (String) Property(Base Http Request Transport. REQUEST_CONTENT); Document doc = (Document) Property(WSS_DOC); // this should be solved with pooling for performance-reasons..

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