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Wasting energy which could be better directed, and even bounced back by the positive people in this world.

Finally, for the life of me, I’ve realized one of life’s important lessons. And as many times as you’re reminded of this cliche, whether that’s by the people around you, the news, tragedy, tv shows and movies, and facebook status updates and so many more.“But today if you go to any gay bar or club, you’ll see many people are using Grindr.” He added that people are “still socializing” in bars and clubs “very well,” and that for many people it gives them confidence to strike up conversation with people they otherwise may have been too shy to approach.And as for all those studies linking an increase in STDs to hookup apps, as well as all those reports you hear about people being robbed, beaten, tortured and even murdered by people they met online, Simkhai says that all boils down to personal responsibility.Could be video games, the latest gadget, meaningless sex, fashion forward clothes, professional sports, porn, dating websites, and so many more that if I listed them all, I’d be wasting time listing them all. The fact of the matter is, because life is short, the only way to slow it down is to love the people around you and find that true love. For these very people, will slow the aging process. Now some would argue being in love speeds things up. Or when a greater power passes judgement on your existence, at least it will be filled with memories that matter.If you don’t truly love, you won’t have any worthwhile memories and experiences.

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